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Mill Creek is a Snohomish County city located twenty miles from downtown Seattle. This Washington City is home to just under 20,000 people. The small population will give you enough people to make new friends, but not enough to overcrowd the city’s many hotspots.

Mill Creek has plenty of tourist attractions that can become your local entertainment. There are plenty of restaurants and bars like Lombardi’s Italian. Lombardi’s Italian serves fine wine, Italian cuisine, and has gluten-free options. If you’re in the mood for something light, then go to De-Vine Wines, where you can have charcuterie with a red or white sampler flight. De-Vine Wines has over twenty wines to choose from and enjoy.

You can walk off those calories with one of Mill Creek’s nature trails, like the East Cohasset Hike and Bike Trail. Here you can walk or jog while getting a beautiful view of Lake Cohasset. The trail is one and a half miles and closed to motorized traffic. East Newport Hike and Bike is slightly longer and allows you to look at Lake Newport, Newport Wetlands, and Daffodil Meadow.

This Snohomish County city has plenty of restaurants and trails, but also plenty of accolades. gave Mill Creek A’s in amenities and lack of crime. According to, Mill Creek is also one of the safest cities in Washington. With all these awards, it’s hard to believe that the median home price is just under $400,000.

Mill Creek Family Life

Great Family Friendly Living likes Mill Creek, and so does gave Mill Creek’s schools a ten out of ten for its outstanding educational system. Some notable schools are Henry M. Jackson High and Mill Creek Elementary. Each was scored based on the results of a standardized test.

Henry M. Jackson scored a ninety-one percent in biology, while the state average is a low C and scored more than twenty percent better than the state average for Math and English. Mill Creek Elementary earned solid B’s in math and English, while the expected grade for those subjects was an F, and they scored ninety-threes in science. With Mill Creeks high-quality education your kids can have a good week, and Mill Creek can also promise a good weekend.

Somewhere kids can go on their days off is the Giggle and Wiggle Playscape. Giggle and Wiggle is an indoor playground that allows children to have active fun. Here your little ones can go down slides, rock climb, and meet new people. Another place for fun and fitness is SafeSplash Swim School. Your kids can make friends here too, and they’ll learn to swim. SafeSplash also hosts birthday parties and even provides lessons for adults, so this place is fun for everyone.

Mill Creek Entertainment

Something for Everyone

Of course, there’s entertainment for people of all ages, as seen in Mill Creek’s art walks. The art walk is sponsored by the City of Mill Creek Art & Beautification Board. This walk features work by local artists and is a great opportunity to shop in the Mill Creek Town Center and support local businesses. The best part, it’s free!

Some entertainment is too big to have all year, like the Memorial Day Parade. It starts at 11 AM after a commemorative ceremony. The front of the parade is located on Main Street and goes all the way down to Mill Creek City Hall. The event features floats made by the community and it honors those who have died in service. During Christmas, Mill Creek has a tree lighting event where you and other locals can get into the holiday spirit.

Mill Creek has fun for the holidays and for people’s interests as seen in their many clubs. Some organizations include the Lions, where people can come together and serve the community, the garden club, where you and other gardeners can make things grow together, and the women’s club, where you can celebrate sisterhood and friendship. Mill Creek also has a senior center, country club, and a soccer club.

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